Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oil on the beach: WWSAD?

I am pissed at Obama. It would be fair to say that even though I think of Sean Hannity and that crazy Glen Beccch as anarchists and that all advertisers to their propaganda network should be boycotted, I am not one who turns easily on the guy I brung to the party.

Now, however, as I watch the crisis in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico unfold, I have to wonder, President Obama, how can you be so clueless? We know you can give inspiring speeches. That's why you're in office. But beyond that, you are there because the catastrophically inept Bush administration put you there and now America is tired of the era of Good Job Brownie.

Now once again we find ourselves, watching in horror at Louisiana and it's neighbors suffer unconscionable loss. This disaster you could have seen coming. Dick Cheney and his oligarchs set that plan in motion 8 years ago.

Here's what you need to do now: Think WWSAD? What Would Sheriff Andy Do?
1. Deputize people to clean it up. Billy Nungesser would be a good start.
2. Shut it down the fastest way possible.

Put the townspeople in charge. Get every marine biologist at every University down to the Gulf and put 'em in charge of evaluating clean up methods and getting them on the water. BP is taking too long and they don't know what they are doing. We are done testing.

Cajuns are just like Macgyver and that's what's needed here. For cripe's sake they are using shop vacs to clean up oil. Do you get the desperation here? American's respond to what they see not to what you say. You tell people five million feet of boom and then CNN shows a tangled mess of soggy boom laying in the marshes, already ruined.

We need every available skimmer in the world and we needed it 5 weeks ago. Where are you? This does remind me of Katrina. All the helicopters in the largest army in the world and the government could not even get water to the people in the Superdome.

Why do we have 14 government agencies in charge of telling us who can clean up the United States of America? How can you profess change and then proffer this bureaucracy?

Why are the BP communications and PR people, who are trying to block the free press not in jail for threatening our homeland? Our Water, Our dolphins, Our turtles, Our shrimp, Our wetlands, Our beaches. Who is going to write a check to them?

The time for talk is over. Nuke the well. Get every man woman and child a gas mask and hazmat suit (that wants one) and give them a tank and a shovel.

Build berms, Bring in Kevin Costner and for God's sake...

Do it now.

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